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Cannabinoids - A Miracle for Many

"I've been using pharmaceutical drugs for years to relieve my pain. Never did I ever really feel much better, usually worse. Cannabis gave me the relief I needed, it honestly gave me my life back. I feel grateful to have this plant at my access and I share my support in Cannabis Therapeutics and what they do." 

Cannabis isn't just a recreational substance that can be used to have a good time, it's a science-backed substance with real therapeutic value. Many patients with a wide variety of conditions find relief through using medicinal marijuana. Whether smoked, vaporized and inhaled, taken orally or consumed through another method, medical cannabis gives patients safe and reliable symptom relief and it's a substance that deserves your support.

How is Cannabis Therapeutical?

Many doubt that cannabis has legitimate medicinal benefit. We don't. We'll show you why.

CBD Prevents Seizures

In scientific studies, CBD, one of marijuana's primary cannabinoids has been shown to prevent seizures.

THC Relieves Pain

Yes, THC does have a psycho-active effect but it also relieves pain and is more effective than pharmaceuticals for many.


Cannabinoids are the chemical compounds within medical marijuana. They are scientifically studied and real.

It's Safer

What's safer, a medication that causes physical dependence and can lead to overdose or marijuana, a substance that has never lead to overdose and has no physical dependence issues in patients.

It's Better Business

Put simply, people are going to continue using marijuana with or without you. Stop letting drug companies rake in profits and let's help spread the love throughout cannabis' many small businesses.

Cannabinoid Receptors

Our brains are designed to interact with cannabinoids. Cannabinoid type 1 and type 2 receptors bind with cannabis to reduce nausea, inflammation, muscle spasticity, seizures and pain.

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Cannabis Therapeutics

More and more states around the country have recognized the value in medical marijuana legalization. While still controversial, more than ever are people recognizing the ways in which marijuana can aid those in medical need. Just look at Florida medical marijuana and the revolutionary progression happening there.

The following are a some of the many ways in which marijuana can help those who truly need it.


Cannabis has proved to be useful in the prevention and treatment of glaucoma, by lessening the pressure inside of the eye. It has also been shown to help the speed in which glaucoma forms, thus preventing loss of vision.


Using marijuana has shown to be a factor in the prevention of epilepsy. THC, one of the main ingredients in marijuana, promotes a relaxation quality in the brain cells, decreasing the part of the brain responsible for causing the uncontrollable excitability found in seizures.

Cancer Prevention

Marijuana also may have a hand in cancer prevention. Elements in cannabis prevent cancer from spreading my inhibiting the growth of a gene referred to as Id-1. Id-1 is a gene which cancer cells repeatedly copy and then distributes throughout the body.

Eases Pain

Not only has marijuana been found to treat ailments such as nausea and stomach issues, but it is a pain reliever and anxiety reducer as well. This has been useful to patients undergoing chemotherapy, as well, with nausea and pain being two of the most common side effects.

Marijuana also helps in easing the pain of those who suffer from multiple sclerosis. A disease which can cause painful muscle contractions, THC found in marijuana tightens the restores in the muscles. This ultimately relieves the pain and helps keep muscle spasms under control as well.

Hepatitis C

Due to the severity of the side effects found in Hepatitis C treatment, many are unable to finish the course of medicine. The treatment can last for months, and includes such unpleasant side effects such as nausea, muscle pain, depression, loss of appetite, tiredness. However it has been shown that those use marijuana during treatment have a much higher chance of completing the treatment than those who do not take marijuana.

In addition, marijuana has also been shown to increase the treatments overall effectiveness.

These are merely just a few of the beneficial ways found in the usage of marijuana. It also helpin relieving the symptoms and pain for those with:

  • Crohn's Disease
  • Arthritis
  • LupusParkinson's Disease
  • PTSD disorder
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease